The University of Iowa

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

Engineer Math IV: Differential Equations-MATH:2560, Section 0102


10:30AM-11:20AM MWF, ONLINE in ZOOM


To be held online on Wednesday May 15: 10:00AM-12:00PM. Have your University ID handy. This final examination is comprehensive.

Course information: Assignments and other information about the course will be given on ICON. Students are responsible for checking regularly ICON.



Held on Mondays 6:00-8:00 PM.

Some of the policies relating to this course (such as the drop deadline) are governed by its administrative home, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 120 Schaeffer Hall.

Instructor: Laurent O. Jay

Office: 225L MLH

Phone: (319) 335-0898


DEO contact information: Professor Weimin Han, E-mail: The Department of Mathematics has offices in 14 MLH. To make an appointment to speak with the DEO, call 335-0714.


Class procedures: The majority of each class period will be lecture oriented. It is strongly advised to read the material to be discussed before coming to class. Therefore, if there is a difficult point, you will know beforehand where it arises, so that you can benefit from the lecture more effectively. If a point remains unclear you can ask questions in class. Readings may be assigned. Standard out-of-class preparation is at least six hours per week.

Homework: Will be assigned approximately weekly. Presentation of your results is very important. Scratch paper will not be accepted. Do not expect good grades if your solution to a problem is poorly communicated. Like for everything, if you cannot explain something in great details, you certainly have not fully understood it. The importance of doing homework cannot be overemphasized, most of human people learn by doing, not only by watching and/or listening. Late homework may not be accepted, you need to request permission first or to provide a reasonable justification. Late homework is not accepted once a correction is given. Use of symbolic mathematical software to solve problems is not allowed.

Grading procedures: In assigning grades, the plus/minus grading system will be used. The A+ grade will be used only in extraordinary situations.

Final examination: The final examination will be held online on Wednesday May 15: 10:00AM-12:00PM. All students should plan on being at the UI through the final examination period. Once the Registrar has announced the date, time, and location of each final exam, the complete schedule will be published on the Registrar's web site and will be shared with instructors and students. I will announce the final examination date and time for this course in class, here, and at the course ICON site once it is known. Do not plan your end of the semester travel plans until the final exam schedule is made public. It is your responsibility to know the date, time, and place of the final exam.


Laurent O. Jay
Department of Mathematics
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Tel: (319)-335-0898