Fall 2008: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 22C:231:001


The course meets 3.55--5.10 pm Tuesday and Thursday at 105, MacLean Hall


For our textbook, we will use "Algorithm Design" by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos. We will focus on the following portions corresponding to the text:

We will also cover some material from research articles not covered in the text.

This is just the preliminary plan and it will certainly undergo modifications. We will also not stick to the order suggested above.


Though we will quickly review this, we will assume that the student is familiar with the idea of analyzing the running time of algorithms. We will assume familiarity with graph search algorithms like breadth-first-search, and experience of or comfort at implementing very basic data structures and algorithms.


The grading will be based on five or six homeworks (40 points), one of which will involve programming, one midterm (25 points) and a final (35 points).

Exam Dates

The Midterm will be in class on Tuesday, October 14. The Final exam is on Monday Dec 15 between 2.15 -- 4.15 pm at a location to be announced later.

Teaching Assistant

Matthew Gibson. Office hours: 1.00-2.00 pm, Tuesday. Office location: 101C, MacLean Hall. Email: firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu

Instructor Office Hours

1.30--3.00 pm, Monday and Wednesday.

Handouts and Homeworks

Notes for Some Lectures

What we covered each week