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Beginning in September 1993, five of us started work on what we thought would be one semester's work. Well, over a year had passed and we were still not even done. We wanted to create an animation. Not an ordinary animation, but one where stalks of corn (from Iowa) play baseball. We had it all planned: three minutes total, 18 different scenes, superb motion. You name it, we thought we were going to do it. Then, reality struck down at us with its mighty hand.

Imagine the following scene if you will. We find ourselves watching a game from a baseball stadium, but in this stadium, we find corn stalks playing ball, sitting in the stands, rooting for the home team. Suddenly, in walks a human popcorn vendor. Shrieks can be heard for miles. Elderly corn stalks wilt from the thought of it all. All corns' eyes and ears fall on to the popcorn vendor. Immediately, the vendor dashes out of the stadium chased by rows and rows of corn. Ears are being thrown everywhere.

That was our start. Well, after a year of work, we completed one scene out of a total of sixteen. We changed the storyboard numerous times, and finally came up with something we thought would be manageable. Little did we know!

However, the one wonderful thing is that we actually have something to show. So, if you're interested, take a peek at the opening scene from what was to be the corn movie. By the way, the main character's name is Maize Cob, named after a distant relative of mine by the name of Mace Brown.

The People Behind the Scenes

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