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Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Kate Cowles

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
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The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1409
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Research Interests

    Bayesian methods in biostatistics and environmental science
    Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms and convergence assessment
    Statistical computing


Downloadable computer programs to accompany papers


Course Homepages

Spring, 2017:

STAT:2010 Statistical Methods and Computing

Fall, 2016:

STAT 5400 (22S:166) Computing in Statistics

Spring, 2016:

STAT:2010 Statistical Methods and Computing

Fall, 2015:

STAT 5400 (22S:166) Computing in Statistics

Spring, 2015:

22S:30/105 (STAT:2010) Statistical Methods and Computing

Fall, 2014:

22S:166 Computing in Statistics

Spring, 2014:

22S:30/105 (STAT:2010) Statistical Methods and Computing

B.S. Honors Project

Football in the 90's: Curtis Olswold, May 2000


Favorite Links

The Hunger Site: Information on world hunger and an opportunity to donate food

The Child Health Site: Click to help fund international health programs for children

The Animal Rescue Site: Click to help feed animals in shelters and sanctuaries

FRAC: Food Research and Action Center

UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund

Children Now: Issues affecting U.S. children

Senior Canine Rescue Society: Older dogs that need homes

Iowa City Animal Center: Adoptable animals in Iowa City

Therapy Dogs Inc.

NATCH UGRACH P-CRO-CH ARCH UCDX URO3 Lucy, CD, CD-H, TN-E, TG-E, O-OAC, O-OJC, O-NGC, WV-O, HP-N, NADAC 1000 Lifetime Points Award, RL-1 AoE, RL1X, RL-2 AoE, RL2X, RL3 AoE, RN, P-CRO-V, CGC, TDInc. (1998 - 1/6/2015)
Adopted 6/3/00 from the Iowa City Animal Shelter,
Lucy has 30 titles in agility, 4 titles in obedience, and 15 titles in Rally, and is a therapy dog.

UCD SN EC UROC URX Donny, NW1, GN, CD, PCD, BN, P-CRO-II, D-CRO-Preliminary With Honor, adopted 05/14/12

Desi, CRO-I, CGC, adopted 1/15/02 (2001 - 12/26/15)

PTN PTA PTS NC URO1 UCDX UAGII Orbit, EAC, EJC, TG-E, WV-E, O-OAC, O-OCC, O-NJC, TN-O, RL1 AoE, CRO-I, RAT-I, PKD-T, S-ADP-L1, CGC, adopted 2/23/04 (2000 - 11/21/16)

Donald, CGC, TDInc. (1987-11/13/2000)

Kate, Lucy, and Donald

UCDX UAGII Kiri, RL-2 AoE, RL-1 AoE,
TN-O, CGC (adopted 8/18/98; 1997 - 4/30/11)

Mickey (1987-2001)

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