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by Douglas W. Jones
University of Iowa Department of Computer Science

2016 Presidential Recounts

2016 General Election Season (the Hacking threat)








2006 Sarasota Controversy

2006 General Election Season

Conroy v. Dennis Court Case

2006 Primary Season

The Arizona District 20 Recount

Miscellaneous 2005

Post Election 2004

Getting Ready for November 2004

Miami Event-Log Bug, 2004

General Issues, 2004

NIST symposium on Building Trust and Confidence in Voting Systems

General Issues of Voting System Standards, 2003

The Diebold AccuVote TS Story

November 2002 General Election

Federal Election Commission, April 17, 2002

E-Voting Trial in Australia

House Science Committee, May 22, 2001

Later Fallout from the November 2000 election

United States Civil Rights Commission, Jan 11, 2001

Immediate Fallout of the November 2000 General Election