CS:4980:0004, Electronic Voting

Projects, Spring 2020

Part of http://homepage.cs.uiowa.edu/~dwjones/voting/4980:0004/
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


The posting of term projects here is neither an endorsement of their content nor reflects any evaluation of the work. This collection represents a self-selected (by the authors) sample of the kind of term projects done in this course.


Origins of this collection of term projects

After reading rough drafts of a number of term projects, I made the following offer by E-mail to the class (on Thursday, May 7, repeated on May 14):

I am willing to host your work on the public "archival" version of the course web page (NOT ICON) if you want me to put it there. The index from which the PDFs hang will include the disclaimer that my posting is neither an endorsement nor reflects any evaluation of your work, and that your work represents a self-selected sample of the kind of term projects done in the course. I will post projects subject to the following basic rules:

  1. The PDF must begin with a title and optionally a subtitle.
  2. your name (as you wish to be known should someone decide to cite your work as a source for their work).
  3. the text: A term project for CS:4980:0004 Spring 2020, Electronic Voting at the University of Iowa.
  4. the text: This version is intended for public distribution.

Understand, if you do this, that it is highly likely that the web crawler at www.archive.org will crawl over the material and archive it. Unposting something from the web is difficult at best. I will not pressure people to post, and I will not post anything that doesn't conform to the above guidelines. Your grade most definitely will not depend on your willingness to post your paper for public consumption.