Homework 3

22C:50 Section 2, Fall 2000

Due Monday Sept 11, 2000, in class

Douglas W. Jones

  1. Do problem 2, parts a, b and c at the end of Chapter 4.

  2. Do problem 6 at the end of Chapter 4.

  3. Do problem 7 at the end of Chapter 4.

Official Statement of Machine Problem 1

Due Monday Sept 18, 2000, in class

Write an assembler for the sample assembly language defined in figure 2.9 and 2.10, using the lexical rules documented in Figures 2.18 and 2.19. You may use the language of your choice, but you must:

You are to turn in, on paper, a listing of your source code, clearly documented and readable. You need not turn in proof that your program works, but your comments, in the program header, must document any known errors in your code, and you must be prepared demonstrate your code to the TA or instructor if they have any doubt that it performs as required, subject to the errors and restrictions you have documented.

Another way of stating the above is that, in effect, you are being asked to evaluate your own work, and you will be held responsible for failure to accurately evaluate what you have accomplished!