Homework 1

22C:50 Section 2, Fall 2000

Due Monday Aug 28, 2000, in class

Douglas W. Jones

Always, on every assignment, please write your name legibly as it appears on your University ID and on the class list! If your answer spans many pages, make sure your name is on each page, and make sure your pages are attached to each other. Illegible answers are unlikely to receive full credit; inarticulate English usage is also unlikely to receive full credit.

  1. What is your E-mail address? (If you have more than one, give the address you'd prefer used for class purposes.)

  2. What courses or work experience have you had in fulfillment of the prerequisites for this course:

    a) 22C:30, or knowledge of data structures and algorithms such as binary search, quicksort and recursive binary tree traversal.

    b) 22C:34, or knowledge of discrete mathematics including set theory, graph theory and mathematical induction.

    c) 22C:40, or knowledge of introductory computer architecture and assembly language.

    With regard to the above: if you have had the indicated course, say so! If you have not had the course here, but have had equivalent coursework elsewhere, explain. If you have not taken a course that covers this material, explain what other experience you have that is sufficient to prepare you for this course.

  3. Do problems 2, 3 and 5 from Chapter 2 of the course notes.