DEC Omnibus Modules

Part of the PDP-8/E Hardware Documentation
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

The following is an attempt at a fairly exhaustive list of OMNIBUS boards that are known to have existed. Any and all help I can get in fixing this list would be useful, particularly, I would like to complete and correct the mappings from board numbers to option names and their meanings, and in cases where multiple suffixes existed, I would like to figure out the differences.


54-9057	KC8EA	PDP-8/E Programmer's Console
54-9668	KC8FL	PDP-8/F Programmer's Console
54-9668	KC8ML	PDP-8/M Programmer's Console
.	KC8AA	PDP-8/A Programmer's Console
A231	AD8EA	Analog to Digital Converter
A231	AD8E	Analog to Digital Converter
A232	AH8EA	Multiplexor for AD8EA
A841	AD8EA	Analog to Digital Converter
G111	MM8EJ	8K Memory sense/inhibit
G111C	MM8EJ	8K Memory sense/inhibit
G104	MM8E	4K Memory sense/inhibit
G104C	MM8E	4K Memory sense/inhibit
G105	MP8E	Memory sense/inhibit
G227	MM8E	Memory X/Y drivers
G227C	MM8E	Memory X/Y drivers
G227	MP8E	Memory X/Y drivers
G233E	MM8EJ	8K Memory X/Y drivers
G619	MM8E	Memory stack
G619A	MM8E	Memory stack (B,M)
G649	MM8AA	PDP8A 8K Memory stack (hex wide)
G646C	MM8EJ	8K Memory stack
G650	MM8AB	PDP8A 16K Memory stack (hex wide)
H216	MR8E	256-word braided wire ROM (requires M880)
H212	MM8EJ	8K Memory stack
H219A	MM8AA	PDP8A 8K Memory control (hex wide)
H219B	MM8AB	PDP8A 16K Memory control (hex wide)
H220	MM8E	Memory stack
H220	MP8E	Memory stack
.	MS8DJ	PDP8A 32K semiconductor memory module
M1703 	.	12 bit word 8/e bus interface (input only?)
M1703C	.
M1705 	.	dual 12 bit omnibus output interface
M1709 	.	Omnibus foundation module (multiword custom I/O)
M512	DK8ED
M518	DK8EP	Lab Programmable Real Time Clock (requires M860)
M518	DK8EF	Lab Programmable Real Time Clock with lab panel DK8ES
M518	DS8EA	Schmidt Trigger
M7104	RK8E	RK05 Disk Interface
M7105	RK8E	RK05 Disk Interface
M7106	RK8E	RK05 Disk Interface
M7107	RKS8E	RK05 Disk Interface (word-count module)
M8300	KK8E	Major registers
M8302   LV8     Versatec printer/plotter interface
M8310	KK8E	Major register control
M8311	MS8-AA	PDP-8/A Read/Write RAM (1K)
M8311	MS8-AB	PDP-8/A Read/Write RAM (2K)
M8311	MS8-AD	PDP-8/A Read/Write RAM (4K)
M8315	KK8A	PDP-8/A CPU board (hex wide)
M8316	DKC8AA	PDP-8/A I/O serial/parallel/clock (hex wide)
M8317	KM8AA	PDP-8/A bootstrap, powerfail (hex wide)
M8317	KM8AB	PDP-8/A Memory extender (hex wide)
M8317YC	KM8AC	PDP-8/A Memory extender, bootstrap, powerfail (hex wide)
M8319	KL8A	PDP-8/A 4 channel serial I/O
M8320	KK8E	Bus loads
M8321	TM8E	Magtape output control module
M8322	TM8E	Magtape control and data break module
M8323	TM8E	Magtape transport status and control module
M8326	DB8EA	Interprocessor buffer
M8327	TM8E	Magtape register module
M8329	LC8E	Parallel interface to DEC-writer I
M833	KK8E	Timing board, good only for 4K TTY systems
M8330	KK8E	Timing board, replaces M833
M8330YA	KK8E	Timing board, replaces M8330, handles MR8E memory stalls
M8330YB	KM8F	Timing board, replaces M8330
M8331	TA8E	DEC Cassette control
M8335	VT8E
M8336	VT8E	Video Display Clock and Frequency Divider
M8337	VT8E	Video Display Line Buffer Module
M8340	KE8E	Extended arithmetic element
M8341	KE8E	Extended arithmetic element
M8342	LP8E	Centronics printer control (replaces M8329)
M8349	MR8F	UV-erasable EPROM memory overlay
M835	.
M8350	KA8E	External positive I/O bus interface
M8357	RX8E	RX01/RX02 interface
M8360	KD8E	Data Break Interface
M8365	LC8P	LA180 printer control
M8366	LQP8E	LQP01 printer control
M837	MC8E	Extended Memory and Time Share Control
M837	KM8E	Extended Memory and Time Share Control
M8371	RK8L	Two board set replaces RK8E on PDP-8/A systems
M8372	RK8L	Two board set replaces RK8E (never released? several survive)
M839	DP8EA	Synchronous Modem
.	DP8EB	Synchronous Modem (Bell series 300 modem)
M840	PC8E	High speed paper tape reader/punch
M841	LE8	Data Products line printer control
M8410	FPP8A	Floating Point Processor control for PDP-8/A
M8411	FPP8A	Floating Point Processor data for PDP-8/A
M8416	KT8AA	PDP8A Memory Management (hex wide)
M8417	MSC8AA	PDP8A 16K MOS Memory (hex wide)
M8417	MSC8AB	PDP8A 32K MOS Memory (hex wide)
M8417	MSC8DJ	PDP8A 128K MOS Memory (hex wide)
M8418	MSC8JC	PDP8A 128K using Fujitsu MB8116E 16K DRAM chips (hex wide)
M842	XY8E	X/Y Plotter Control
M843	CR8E	Card reader control
M8430	KW8EW	Alarm timer
M8433	RL8A	Disk controller for RL01/02 (hex wide)
M847	MI8E	Hardware Bootstrap Loader
M847	MI8EN	Hardware Bootstrap Loader for RK8E
M847	MI8EP	Hardware Bootstrap Loader for RX01/RX02
M848	KP8E	Power fail and auto-restart
M849	KK8E	RFI shield
M860	DK8ED	Programmable Real Time Clock
M860	DK8EF	Programmable Real Time Clock
M860	DK8EP	Programmable Real Time Clock
M863	DR8E	12 Channel Buffered Digital I/O
.	DR8EA	12 Channel Buffered Digital I/O
M866	DP8EA	Synchronous Modem (Bell series 200 modem)
.	DP8EB	Synchronous Modem (Bell series 300 modem)
M865	.	Console Teletype Control (current loop only)
M8650	KL8E	Asynchronous Data Control (current loop or RS232)
M8652   KL8F    Double-buffered asynch terminal control (UART based)
M8653	KL8M	Modem Control, used with KL8* to provide data ready stuff
M8655	KL8JA	Terminal Control (UART based substitute for M8650)
M868	TD8E	DECtape Control
M869	VC8E	(requires M885)
M880	MR8E 	256r-word ROM controller (requires H216 core stack)
M882	DK8EA	Real Time Clock (Line Frequency)
M8830	DK8EC	Real Time Clock (Crystal, 100Hz)
M884	KG8E	Parity Generator Detector for DP8E
M885	VC8E	(requires M869)
M935	.	OMNIBUS bridge (joins two adjacent backplane segments)


BC01V		Subset of BC05C with only some of the RS232 secondary lines.
BC05C		Standard RS232 serial cable (40 pin Berg to DB25)
BC08H		Omnibus extension cable (needs 2)
BC80C		Omnibus to PDP-8/A hex board extension cable (Y shaped)