Operating Systems, Spring 2011

Part of the 22C:112, Operating Systems Collection
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

Lectures are at 12:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Room 213 MLH. Preliminary!

Wed Jan 19 Overview of system software
Fri Jan 21 C for experienced programmers
Mon Jan 24 A brief history [last free drop]
Wed Jan 26 The Unix shell The C Shell Tutorial
Fri Jan 28 An example shell
Mon Jan 31 A bare-bones system [last add, last drop without W]
Wed Feb 2 Object code, loaders and linkers
Fri Feb 4 Unix loading and linking (read about makefiles in the Manual of C Style)
Mon Feb 7 Loaders
Wed Feb 9 Files, open files, and devices
Fri Feb 11 An example sequential device
Mon Feb 14 FIFO queues
Wed Feb 16 Interrupts and critical sections
Fri Feb 18 A complete device driver
Mon Feb 21 Disk hardware
Wed Feb 23 Basic disk driver structure
Fri Feb 25 Disk scheduling policies
Mon Mar 28 Virtual disks vs disk files
Wed Mar 2 File systems and directories
Fri Mar 4 Review
Mon Mar 7 Midterm Exam
Wed Mar 9 the CAP ... garbage collector / The CAP filing system [Western Christian Ash Wednesday] [midterm day]
Fri Mar 11 Virtual memory
-- Spring Break --
Mon Mar 21 Page fault service
Wed Mar 23
Fri Mar 25 Paged-segmented memory
Mon Mar 28 The Unix memory model
Wed Mar 30 Dynamic storage allocation
Fri Apr 1 The buddy system
Mon Apr 4 Fragmentation, boundary tags [last undergrad drop]
Wed Apr 6 Garbage Collection
Fri Apr 8 The idea of processes and threads
Mon Apr 11 Thread and Process States [last undergrad withdraw]
Wed Apr 13 Implementing scheduling services
Fri Apr 15 More Implementation
Mon Apr 18 Heavyweight processes, Lightweight threads [preregistration begins]
Wed Apr 20 Concurrent programming [Jewish Passover day 2]
Fri Apr 22 Dekker's Algorithm [Jewish Passover day 4] [Christian Good Friday]
Mon Apr 25 Monitors, the Ada Rendezvous, and client-server systems [Jewish Passover day 7]
Wed Apr 27 Clients and servers: Task Communication in Demos
Fri Apr 29 Amoeba
Mon May 2 Amoeba Message Delivery
Wed May 4 Networks The ISO OSI modelFri May 6 [last day of class]
Mon May 9 FINAL EXAM, 7:30 AM