Operating Systems, Fall 2013

Part of the 22C:112 (CS:3620), Operating Systems Collection
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

10:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 427 EPB

Mon Aug 26 Overview of system software
Wed Aug 28 C for experienced programmers (skim a Manual of C Style)
Fri Aug 30 A brief history [last free drop]
Mon Sep 2 No class [Labor Day (secular)]
Wed Sep 4 The Unix shell A C-Shell Tutorial
Fri Sep 6 No class [Rosh Hashanah II (Jewish)]
Mon Sep 9 An example shell: mush, a minimally usable shell [Ganesh Chathrthi (Hindu)]
Wed Sep 11 A bare-bones system [last undergrad add, last refund for drop]
Fri Sep 13 Object code, loaders and linkers [Bad luck (modern superstition)]
Mon Sep 16 Unix loading and linking (read about makefiles in the Manual of C Style) [Onam (Hindu)]
Wed Sep 18 Loaders
Fri Sep 20 Files, open files, and devices [Succot II (Jewish)]
Mon Sep 23 FIFO queues [Succot V (Jewish)]
Wed Sep 25 Interrupts and critical sections [Succot VII (Jewish)]
Fri Sep 27 No class [Simchat Torah (Jewish)]
Mon Sep 30 Interrupts and critical sections
Wed Oct 2 A complete device driver
Fri Oct 4 Disk drivers and scheduling
Mon Oct 7 Disk scheduling policies
Wed Oct 9 Virtual disks vs disk files
Fri Oct 11 File systems and directories
Mon Oct 14 Midterm Exam [Dusshera (Hindu)]
Wed Oct 16 the CAP ... garbage collector / The CAP filing system [midterm day] [Eid Ul Adha (Islam)]
Fri Oct 18 Virtual memory
Mon Oct 21 Page fault service
Wed Oct 23 More paging
Fri Oct 25 Paged-segmented memory
Mon Oct 28 The Unix memory model
Wed Oct 30 Dynamic storage allocation
Fri Nov 1 The buddy system
Mon Nov 4 Fragmentation, boundary tags [last undergrad drop]
Wed Nov 6 Garbage Collection [Al Hijira (Islam)]
Fri Nov 8 The idea of processes and threads
Mon Nov 11 Thread and Process States
Wed Nov 13 Implementing scheduling services [Ashura (Islam)]
Fri Nov 15 More Implementation
Mon Nov 18 Heavyweight processes, Lightweight threads [preregistration begins]
Wed Nov 20 Concurrent programming
Fri Nov 22 Dekker's Algorithm
Mon Dec 2 Monitors, the Ada Rendezvous, and client-server systems [Hanukkah V (Jewish)]
Wed Dec 4 Clients and servers: Task Communication in Demos [Hanukkah VII (Jewish)]
Fri Dec 6 Amoeba
Mon Dec 9 Amoeba Message Delivery
Wed Dec 11 Networks The ISO OSI model
Fri Dec 13 Review [last day of class] [Bad luck (modern superstition)]
Thu Dec 19 FINAL EXAM, 8-10 PM, 112 MacBride Hall
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