CS:2820 Survey, Spring 2016


Part of the CS:2820 Object Oriented Programming Collection
by Douglas W. Jones 201H MLH, 2:30-3:30 MWF, 335-0740, jones@cs.uiowa.edu
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

Purpose: The background of the students in this class is so diverse that we need to know what you know in order to plan the first few lectures. A summary results of this survey, minus personal information, will be posted on line on the class web page. Personal information is collected only to avoid taking roll and will be shredded.

Personal Information

Name: ________________________________________________
                    (As it appears on your University ID)

Section: 0A03 (9:30) __17__     0A01(10:30) __17__     0A02(11:30) __20__
                    (Check one)


Computer Support: What kind of computer do you routinely use?
         Apple Mac__31__    Linux __7___    Windows __47__
                    (Check all that apply)

CS/CLAS Linux Experience: Have you used linux.clas.uiowa.edu or linux.cs.uiowa.edu?
         Yes__21__    No __31__
                    (Check one)

If yes, how did you access it?
PuTTY __11__
SSH ___6__
FaxtX ___3__
                    (Check all that apply)

Shell Experience: Have you used the Linux or MacOS command shell?
         Yes__27__    No __25__
                    (Check one)

Programming Languages: Which of these programming languages do you know pretty well?
         C __12__
C++ __12__
C# ___4__
Java __49__
Python __42__
                    (Check all that apply)

Work Load:
         Credit hours of registration: ______ ×3= ______
Job hours per week: ______
Total work load hours/week: Sum ______ (should not exceed 50)

Distribution of credit hours of registration:

                              X X X
                              X X X
                              X X X X
                              X X X X
                              X X X X X
                            X X X X X X X 
                            X X X X X X X 
                        X   X X X X X X X 
   0 . . . . 5 . . . . 10. . . . 15. . . . 20

Distribution of total work load:

                                          X X         X
                                          X X         X
                                      X   X X     X   X
                                      X   X X X X X   X   X     X
      X                         X     X   X X X X X X X   X     X
   10. . . . 20. . . . 30. . . . 40. . . . 50. . . . 60. . . . 70. . . . 80

In general, students who take a 15-16 semester hour load every semester can graduate in 4 years without taking summer courses. This is the classical full-time load. To see 1/7 of the class taking more than this suggests trouble.

In general, only the most extraordinary students can handle total commitments (work plus 3×credit) over 60 hours per week during a normal semester, and average students rarely do well with loads over 50. Here, over 1/2 of the class has reported loads over 50 hours per week, close to 1/4 have loads over 60 hours, and 1/12 are attempting to handle over 70 hours.

Far too many students in this class have reported dangerously high loads. Overloaded students who do not cut back on paid work are extremely likely to be forced into dropping or failing courses. In general, unless your job pays a professional wage, cutting back on paid work costs significantly less than paying tuition for a course you drop or fail.