Lecture Schedule and Readings

Part of CS:2820, Object-Oriented Software Development, Fall 2020
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

Tuesday Thursday, 11:00-12:15 Link and 2:00-3:15 Link

The following schedule is tentative!

Tu Aug 25 About this course and Text: Introduction to Ojbects [Slides (PDF)]
Th Aug 27 Text: Everything is an Object [Slides (PDF)]
Tu Sept 1 Modeling, epidemics, highway networks, digital logic [Slides (PDF)]
Th Sept 3 Simulation methods [Slides (PDF)]
Tu Sept 8 Text: Operators, Controlling Execution [Slides (PDF)] [Java Code]
Th Sept 10 Incremental development [Slides (PDF)] [Java Code]
Tu Sept 15 Text: Initialization and Cleanup [Java Code]
Th Sept 17 Text: Access Control, Reusing Classes [Java Code]
Tu Sept 22 Text: Polymorphism, Creating Subclasses [Bash Script]
Th Sept 24 Constructors, Factories [Java Code]
Tu Sept 29 Scanners
Th Oct 1 Text: Interfaces & Inner Classes (p. 311) Wasted Computation
Tu Oct 6 Text: Holding Objects (p. 389) [Java Code] [Succot IV, Jewish]
Th Oct 8 Lambda Expressions in Java [Java Code] [Succot VI, Jewish]
Tu Oct 13 Discrete Event Simulation and the Pending Event Set
Th Oct 15 Building a simulation [Java Code]
Tu Oct 20 Yet More building a simulation and randomness [Java Code]
Th Oct 22 And Even More building a simulation [Java Code]
Tu Oct 27 More simulation: stop lights [Java Code]
Th Oct 29 Abuse of Class Hierarchy, Breaking Up the Source File, Javadoc [Java .shar file]
Tu Nov 3 -- no class except makeup for AAA missed on Oct 29 --
Th Nov 5 Simulation Frameworks and Program Transformations
Tu Nov 10 Alternative Simulation Frameworks [Java .shar file] [just the new Framework]
Th Nov 12 More on README files [README.md]
Tu Nov 17 Too many files! Makefiles [a Makefile]
Th nov 19 Lazyness [Java code]
--- Thanksgiving Break ---
Tu Dec 1 Eliminating circular dependencies [Java .shar file]
Th Dec 3 Process-Oriented Simulation, Interprocess Interaction
Tu Dec 8 Virtual Machines and VM Hierarchies
Th Dec 10 Operating Systems, Networks and Cookies. [Hanukkah I, Jewish] [the end]
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