Lecture Schedule and Readings

Part of CS:2820, Object-Oriented Software Development, Fall 2015
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

10:00 Tuesday and Thursday, 110 MacLean Hall

Tu Aug 25 About this course
Th Aug 27 Reading: the Introduction
Tu Sep 1 Reading: Introduction to Objects
Th Sep 3 Reading: Everything is an Object [last free add/drop, Sep 4]
Tu Sep 8 Reading: Operators
Th Sep 10 Reading: Controlling Execution
Tu Sep 15 No class, but Reading: Initialization and Cleanup [Rosh Hashannah II (Jewish)]
Th Sep 17 Reading: Access Control [last refund for withdrawal, Sep 18]
Tu Sep 22 Reading: Reusing Classes
Th Sep 24 Reading: Polymorphism Example code: here [Eid al-Adha II (Muslim)]
Tu Sep 29 discussion of MP1 [Succot II (Jewish)]
Th Oct 1 discussion of polymorphism [Succot IV (Jewish)]
Fr Oct 2 Midterm Exam I (covers Polymorphism, MP1)
Tu Oct 6 No class [Simchat Torah (Jewish)]
Th Oct 8 Example code: here [midterm day, Oct 14]
Tu Oct 13 Reading: Interfaces (p. 311) [Navarati I (Hindu)]
Th Oct 15 Reading: Inner Classes (p. 345) Example code: here [Muharram (Muslim)] [Navarati III (Hindu)]
Tu Oct 20 Reading: You could read Holding Objects (p. 389) [Navarati VIII (Hindu)]
Th Oct 22 Reading: Exceptions (p. 443) [Dasara, Navarati X (Hindu)]
Tu Oct 27 A working road net simulator Example code: here
Th Oct 29 Breaking up the source file. [drop deadline, Nov 2]
Tu Nov 3 Miscellaneous. [Election Day (Secular)]
Th Nov 5 Miscellaney and Review.
Fr Nov 6 Midterm Exam II
Tu Nov 10 An alternative simulation framework. Example code: here
Th Nov 12 Process-Oriented Simulation, take 1 [last withdrawal, Nov 16]
Tu Nov 17 Exam review
Th Nov 19 Process-Oriented Simulation, take 1.5
Tu Dec 1 Process-Oriented Simulation, take 2 and Program Transformations Example code: here
Th Dec 3 Program transformations, Virtual Machines
Tu Dec 8 Program transformations, Static and Cookies [Hanukkah II (Jewish)]
Th Dec 10 [Hanukkah IV (Jewish)] [the end]
W Dec 16 -- FINAL EXAM, 3-5PM 22SH
      Resist Russian Imperialism