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Replacement Chad Diverter

Part of the Flexowriter pages
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science



One part missing Flexowriter part is small but somewhat important, or it will be important if we ever get the paper-tape punch to work. The paper-tape punch operated by punching up from below, ejecting the bits of punched chad out the top of the punch block. There is supposed to be a plastic piece on top of the punch assembly to capture the chad and divert it to the chad chute.

thumbnail image
The paper tape punch
The place where this goes can be seen in this photo. The row of 9 holes to the right front of the image are the top openings of the paper tape punch where the chad will be forced out as it is punched. The square opening just beyond the right end of the row of punches is the top opening of the chad chute that leads down to the place where a chad box is supposed to be mounted on the Flexowriter table.

The screw sitting on top of the assembly behind the punch is a 6-32 UNC screw, included in the photograph in order to estimate the diameter and threading of the hole just in front of the screw. From this photo, it appears that this hole is intended to take a 4-48 UNF screw, a rather uncommon uncommon small screw. We infer that this screw is intended to be used to hold the chad diverter in place.

The Wrong Part

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The wrong chad diverter
We found someone selling a Flexowriter chad diverter on the eBay. They claimed it was for the 2200-2300 family of Flexowriters, but when it came, it clearly didn't fit our machine. However, on close inspection, it was apparent that careful removal of plastic, approximately 0.1" on the right side of the part above the actual chad diverter, and approximately 0.5" at the back, plus all remnants of the 3 internal fins, would make it fit nicely. With the excess plastic removed, it appears that the mounting hole will align with the hole in the punch, and the chad diverter will set down nicely over the punch.

Making Do

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The Fixed Chad Chute