Compiler Construction, Spring 2014

Part of the 22C:196:003 (CS:4908:0003), Compiler Construction Collection
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

10:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 210 MacLean Hall     Lecture schedule is subject to change

Wed Jan 22 The Architecture of a Compiler
Fri Jan 24 Lexical Structure
Mon Jan 27 Moving Toward an Algorithm [last free add/drop]
Wed Jan 29 Practical Lexical Analysis (tape)
Fri Jan 31 Groupware (tape)
Mon Feb 3 Strings and String Pools [last add, last refund for drop]
Wed Feb 5 Odds and Ends
Fri Feb 7 Stubs, Output and Testing
Mon Feb 10 Context-Free Grammars
Wed Feb 12 Shift-Reduce Parsing
Fri Feb 14 Start and Follow sets, LR1 Parsers
Mon Feb 17 Recursive Descent Parsing
Wed Feb 19 Recursive Descent Translation
Fri Feb 21 Discussion
Mon Feb 24 Discussion
Wed Feb 26 String Pool Interface
Fri Feb 28 Blocks
Mon Mar 3 Rehashing [Clean Monday (Eastern Christian)]
Wed Mar 5 Discussion [Ash Wednesday (Western Christian)]
Fri Mar 7 Main Programs
Mon Mar 10 Statements
Wed Mar 12 Attributes of Nonterminals [Midterm Day]
Fri Mar 14 Parse Errors, Knitting the Parse Tree [Spring Break Begins]
Mon Mar 24 Static Semantics
Wed Mar 26 Dynamic Semantics
Fri Mar 28 More Dynamic Semantics
Mon Mar 31 Code Generation
Wed Apr 2 Subroutine Calls
Fri Apr 4 Displays
Mon Apr 7 Discussion [last undergrad drop]
Wed Apr 9 Discussion
Fri Apr 11 Peephole Optimization
Mon Apr 14 Calling Sequences
Wed Apr 16 Knitting revisited [Passover 2 (Jewish)]
Fri Apr 18 Discussion [Good Friday (Christian)] [Passover 4 (Jewish)]
Mon Apr 21 Basic Blocks, Etc. [Preregistration Begins] [Passover 7 (Jewish)]
Wed Apr 23 Up-level Addressing and Exceptions
Fri Apr 25 External Linkage
Mon Apr 28 Exploiting the Assembler
Wed Apr 30 Stack Top Caches
Fri May 2 Case Statements Revisited, Bounds Checking
Mon May 5 Immediate Constants
Wed May 7 Discussion
Fri May 9 Postmortem discussion on what we did wrong