Compiler Construction, Fall 2014

Part of the CS:4908:4, Compiler Construction Collection
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

11:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 214 MacLean Hall     Lecture schedule is subject to change

Mon Aug 25 The Architecture of a Compiler
Wed Aug 27 Lexical Structure
Fri Aug 29 Moving Toward an Algorithm [last free add/drop] [Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu)]
Wed Sep 3 Practical Lexical Analysis
Fri Sep 5 Groupware
Mon Sep 8 Strings and String Pools [last add, last refund for drop]
Wed Sep 10 Odds and Ends
Fri Sep 12 Stubs, Output and Testing
Mon Sep 15 Context-Free Grammars
Wed Sep 17 Shift-Reduce Parsing
Fri Sep 19 Start and Follow sets, LR1 Parsers
Mon Sep 22 Recursive Descent Parsing
Wed Sep 24 Recursive Descent Translation
Fri Sep 26 -- no class [Rosh Hashana II (Jewish)]
Mon Sep 29 Discussion
Wed Oct 1 Predefined Symbols and Keywords
Fri Oct 3 Rehashing [Day of Arafa (Muslim)]
Mon Oct 6 Blocks
Wed Oct 8 C and C++ Main Programs
Fri Oct 10 Discussion [Succot II (Jewish)]
Mon Oct 13 Statements [Succot IV (Jewish)]
Wed Oct 15 Attributes of Nonterminals [Midterm Day] [Succot VII (Jewish)]
Fri Oct 17 Parse Errors, Knitting the Parse Tree [Simchat Torah (Jewish)]
Mon Oct 20 Static Semantics
Wed Oct 22 Dynamic Semantics
Fri Oct 24 More Dynamic Semantics
Mon Oct 27 Code Generation
Wed Oct 29 Subroutine Calls
Fri Oct 31 Displays [Halloween (Christian?)]
Mon Nov 3 Discussion [undergrad drop deadline]
Wed Nov 5 Peephole Optimization
Fri Nov 7 Stack-Top Caches [Preregistration Begins]
Mon Nov 10 Calling Sequences
Wed Nov 12 Knitting revisited
Fri Nov 14 Discussion
Mon Nov 17 Up-level Addressing and functions
Wed Nov 19 Exceptions
Fri Nov 21 External Linkage
Mon Dec 1 Exploiting the Assembler
Wed Dec 3 discussion
Fri Dec 5 Case Statements Revisited, Bounds Checking
Mon Dec 8 Immediate Constants
Wed Dec 10 Discussion
Fri Dec 12 Postmortem discussion on what we did wrong