22C:116, Course Diary, Spring 2002

Douglas W. Jones
University of Iowa Department of Computer Science

Lectures are at 2:30 Monday and Wednesday in Room B11 MacLean Hall.

Wed Jan 23
Pin down class organization, schedule next discussion.
Mon Jan 28
Discuss FinalOS, the example kernel for the 116 final in fall 2001. This kernel is an extreme microkernel based on server-side authentication, and serves as a warm-up exercise.
Wed Jan 30
Jones absent because of Washington trip.
Mon Feb 4
Wrap up discussion of FinalOS implementation
Wed Feb 6
Discuss gate crossing mechanisms, introduce idea of using MMU for this.
Mon Feb 11
Extend MMU idea to object-oriented method calls under a microkernel.
Wed Feb 13
Discuss the small object problem, in general.
Mon Feb 18
Garbage collection, small objects, and MMU-based large objects.
Wed Feb 20
Official project launch, begin serious design exercise
Mon Feb 25
Calling a method of an object creates a new domain.
Wed Feb 27
Calling a method of an object creates a new thread.
Mon Mar 4
The move-capability operator and its relation to paged segmented addressing.
Wed Mar 6
Discussion of alternatives for parameters to threads
Mon Mar 11
Confused discussion of alternative models non-page objects.
Wed Mar 13
Gordon Bell's wheel, a warning about I/O complexity that may apply to parameter passing.