Syllabus: 22M:305:001 (MATH:7450:0001) Topics in Topology

Spring 2013 12:30P - 1:45P TTh 113 MLH

Instructor:  Dr. Isabel Darcy                

Office: B1H MLH               Phone: 319-335-0778         Email: idarcymath+100 AT or isabel-darcy AT           
Office Hours: MF 11:40 - 12+, Tu 2:00pm - 3:20pm, Th 2:00 - 3:00pm and by appt.
Note: + means I will be also available directly after the office hour, normally for as long as needed.
DEO: Dan Anderson,14 MLH

Course WWW site:
Check this course schedule, and electronic copies of course handouts.

Description of Course: We will cover a variety of applications of algebraic topology including robotics, data analysis, and sensor networks. Objectives and Goals of the Course: Students will be able to answer the question: “How can topology be applied to real world problems”.

Text: We will use the online textbook available at , plus supplementary material.

Prerequisite: Algebraic Topology or consent of instructor

Grading system:
HW, Participation, & Quizzes: 100% 90% <= A- < 91% <= A  
80% <= B- < 81% <= B < 89% <= B+ < 90%
70% <= C- < 71% <= C < 79% <= C+ < 80%
60% <= D- < 61% <= D < 69% <= D+ < 70%
F < 60%

Attendance and absences: Your attendance at each scheduled class meeting and discussion section is expected.  You are  responsible for material covered in class and announcements made during class; these may include changes in the syllabus.

You may collaborate with other students on the homework;   however, each individual student is responsible for turning in your own homework in your own words.  Copying is not collaboration and will be prosecuted under scholastic dishonesty.  Any significant collaboration should be acknowledged.

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