Fall 2010 22M:132:AAA (MATH:5400:0AAA) General Topology
Fall 2010 3 s.h. Time & Location: 10:30A - 11:20A MWF 105 MLH

Instructor:  Dr. Isabel Darcy                      Office: B1H MLH                      Phone: 319-335-0778
Email: idarcy AT            Office Hours: MW 11:40 - 12+, Th 1pm - 2:30pm, F 11:40 - 12:20 and by appt.
                                                               Note: + means I will be also available directly after the office hour, normally for as long as needed.
DEO: Yi Li, 14 MacLean Hall, 319-335-0714,

Course WWW site:
Check this for a list of assignments, course schedule, and electronic copies of course handouts.

Required Textbook: Munkres's Topology
Course Description:  Basic concepts of general topological spaces and continuous functions: countability of sets, topological space, comparing topologies; subspace, order, and product topologies; closed sets and limit points, continuous functions, metric topology, quotient topology (including projective spaces and gluing cells), connectedness in the real line and in general spaces, components and local connectedness, compactness in R^n and in general spaces, limit point compactness, local compactness, countability axioms, separation axioms, normal spaces and Urysohn's Lemma, complete metric spaces, convergence in function spaces.
Objectives and Goals of the Course: We will cover most of chapter 2 - 4, parts of chapters 5 - 9 and some supplementary material as time allows.

Grading system

Project: 5%  
Group project: 5%  
HW, & Class participation: 20% 90% <= A- < 91 <= A 
Quizzes:  5%  80% <= B- < 81 <= B < 89 <= B+ < 90%
Exam 2 exams:  20% each  70% <= C- < 71 <= C < 79 <= C+ < 80%
Final: 25% (tentatively 9:45 am Wed, 12/15) F < 55% <= D- < 60 <= D < 65 <= D+ < 70

HW:  Late HW and corrections may be turned in by Dec. 17th for additional credit. The amount of additional credit is to be determine, but will be less than an additional 50% credit. Corrections must be accompanied by the entire corresponding graded HW assignment in an organized notebook.  

Quizzes and exam 1 will be given during discussion section. Tentative exam dates: Exam 1, Sept. 28 ; Exam 2, Nov. 12; Final Exam, 9:45 A.M. Wednesday, December 15 2010.

Attendance and absences: Your attendance at each scheduled class meeting is expected. You are responsible for material covered in class and announcements made during class; these may include changes in the syllabus.

You may collaborate with other students on the homework; however, each individual student is responsible for turning in your own homework in your own words. Copying is not collaboration and will be prosecuted under scholastic dishonesty. Any significant collaboration should be acknowledged.

The University policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced.

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