To prepare for graduate school consider taking several of the following graduate courses (form study groups to read first chapter or two during the summer -- some classes start in ch 2):

22M:142:AAA also known as(MATH:5600:0AAA) Nonlinear Dynamics with Numerical Methds
1:30P - 2:20P MWF 213 MLH
Instructors: David Stewart (Primary Instructor)

22M:115 (MATH:5200) Introduction to Analysis I
2:30P - 3:20P MWF 105 MLH
Instructors: Ionut Chifan (Primary Instructor)

22M:120 (MATH:5000) Abstract Algebra I
11:30A - 12:20P MWF 214 MLH
Instructors: Yangbo Ye (Primary Instructor)

22M:132 (MATH:5400) General Topology
10:30A - 11:20A MWF 105 MLH
Instructors: Charles Frohman (Primary Instructor)

Undergraduate courses:

22M:140 (MATH:4610) Continuous Mathematical Models
11:30A - 12:20P MWF 213 MLH
Instructors: David Stewart (Primary Instructor)

Only Fall courses are listed. All the above graduate courses also have a 2nd part offered in the Spring.

Two new courses are being planned for the Spring (2014???): An analysis course between 22M:55 and 115; An algebra course between 22M:50 and 120