CS:4350 Logic in Computer Science, Fall 2020

5:00-6:15pm, Zoom from ICON
Instructor: Hantao Zhang   TA: Wanxin Wang
Email: hantao-zhang@uiowa.edu   wanxin-wang@uiowa.edu
Office: 10:00-11:30pm, Mon., Wed., Zoom from ICON   10:30-12:00, Tue., 1:00-2:30, Fri., Zoom from ICON

You may make an appointment to see us outside of the regular office hours.

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Please start each question with the number of the question.

Every submission will on ICON before the midnight of the due day. Only a single word file or pdf file is accepted. If you use pictures, please insert all pictures into a word file. Other types of files are ignored.

Each homework counts for 4% of the final grade; some of them have a small programming components.

Midterm Exams


Logic in Computer Science, Benji Mo and Hantao Zhang (copyright 2020)

Lecture Notes

As these lecture notes are updated before each class, please don't download them all in advance.

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