Ted Herman

       Position:         Professor 
       Snail Mail:       Department of Computer Science
			 University of Iowa
                         Iowa City, Iowa 52242
       Telephone:        (319) 335-2833
       Fax:              (319) 335-3624 
       Office:           201M MacLean Hall
       Network Lab:      B1C  MacLean Hall 
       Office Hours:     Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
                         usually 10:30-11:30

The image above is a photograph of a goldfinch, the official state bird of Iowa.

In the Fall of 2015, I am teaching CS:5620:0001 Distributed Systems and Algorithms; I'm also co-instructor (with Prof JP Hourcade) of the CS:3910:001 Informatics Project Course.


My primary research interests are distributed systems and sensor networks for healthcare applications. See Computational Epidemiology for recent examples of our group's work. Within distributed systems research, I've specialized in distributed algorithms, with emphasis on robustness to transient failures. Distributed algorithms with the property of self-stabilization automatically correct themselves in response to any kind of transient fault. The vision of sensor network research forsees the time when very small, computationally rich sensing devices will be networked in many environments for studying healthcare topics, including how healthcare workers and patients behave.

Where is CS at Iowa?

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Ted Herman
7 January 2015.