Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction

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Table of Contents

Errata (first printing, second printing)

Appendix B with clearer screenshots

SAS System, WinBUGS, and MS Excel Examples and Data Sets

Link to NIH Human Subjects Online Tutorial

Sample Exams and Answers

Additional Exercises

Computer Exercises



Programs, Data, and Documentation

Zipped R package for HDR and the distribution of ln(OR)Installs properly; ignore the error message.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

CochlearData.txt: Table 4.5 Data (tab delimited text file for import into SAS)

ReacTime.txt: Data file (SAS DATA step for pasting into SAS)

Bernoulli.xls: Posterior distribution of a rate.

BetaTailArea.xls: Beta distribution areas and quantiles.

tTailArea.xls: t distribution areas.

Figure 8.9, Figure 8.11: Winbugs programs for non-normal data.

Posterior Probability Calculator.xls: Deduce posterior parameters from Confidence Intervals

Right click to download DeviceStudy.xls

Right click to download Power transformation macro.

Right click to download Salaries.xls: Data file.

Right click to download CrossoverData.xls: Data file.

Right click to download SentStudy.sas7bdat: Georgia death penalty data

(same as CSSSubset.sas7bdat).

Right click to download Proportional hazards regression of Krall Data

Right click to download PHReg of Table

Right click to download data for PHR example:

As a DATA step to paste into SAS: Table12.2.txt

As a tab-delimited file to import with PROC IMPORT:

Right click to download WinBUGS data for Exercise 12.6: Krall.txt

Right click to download Design of a non-inferiority trial.

Documentation: RatePrePostDocumentation.pdf

EWidth.xls: Ad-hoc design of a non-inferiority trial to control expected CI width.

Link to WinBUGS website.

Link to SAS Online Documentation



Sample Exams

Exam 1


Exam 2 + Sample Computer Questions

Answers + Answers to Sample Computer Questions

Equation Sheet

Final Exam (Fall 2005, Spring 2005)

Answers (Fall 2005, Spring 2005)

Formula Sheet




Computer Exercises

Lab Paper 1: Analyzing a Completely Randomized Experiment

Data File: NineMonthAudio.xls


Lab Paper 2: Logistic Regression Analysis of Brown Lung

Data File: Byssinosis.sas7bdat (right click to download, do not open!)