Instructions for downloading and running 3d graphics locally.

  1. Download an archive containing my 3d graphics models, and unzip the archive. You will now have a folder called "Polyhedra-graphics" containing the graphics applets. Save it to a convenient location
  2. Download an archive containing the javaview program. Download the file from Unzip this archive. This will give you a folder called "javaview".
  3. Move the "javaview" folder inside the "Polyhedra-graphics" folder.
  4. You now need a shell or terminal window in which you can type and run commands. In apple OS X, this is a "terminal window"; in Windows, this is a "command prompt" window; in linux, it is a "shell" window. Look up instructions for obtaining such a terminal window in your operating system.
  5. Change the active directory in your terminal window to the folder "Polyhedra-graphics". Look up instructions for doing this in your operating system.
  6. Finally, you can run the graphics applets by typing "appletviewer xxx.html", where xxx stands for the name of the graphics, for example "appletviewer cube-2fld.html ". Press "return" after typing in your command. A new window should open with the 3d graphics.