Adjusting your Java security settings

The possible steps to adjusting your security settings will depend on your operating system and browser, so I am not able to provide detailed instructions for all possible situations.

Instructions for Apple computers. At the moment (January, 2015), the following instructions will work:

  1. From the system preferences app under the apple menu, choose java. The opens a separate java control panel.
  2. In the Java control panel, choose the security tab.
  3. If there is an Exceptions List, click on "edit site list...", and then add to the exception site list. Accept the change you made twice (once for editing the list, and once for accepting the settings on the security tab).
  4. If there is no Exceptions List, there will be the possibility of choosing a security level. Change the level from "high" to "medium", and accept your changes.
  5. Restart the machine.
  6. Clear the cache on your web browser.
  7. If you changed the security setting to "medium", change it back to "high" when you are done viewing the graphics applets.

Instructions Windows computers.

  1. From the start menu in the lower left of the home screen, choose "control panel", then "programs", then "java". This opens the java control panel.
  2. Follow further instructions as for Apple, above.