Final exam schedule, study questions, etc.



Our final exam is scheduled for Thursday December 15, 12N-2PM; it will be held in our classroom. The final exam will be open book & notes, and will be comprehensive. The goal will be to (approximately) distribute total time in the three exams in proportion to the different parts of the course. Thus a small portion of the final exam will cover the last part of the course on formal semantics, and the remainder will be split more or less equally between BNF, functional programming, and logic programming. Problems that draw on more than one part of the course will be preferred over those that may be neatly compartmentalized.


Exam week office hours are as follows, or by arrangement in case of conflicts:

A. Fleck -- 10 AM -12N Wednesday

W. He -- 1-2 PM Tuesday and wednesday


Final exams will be retained until the beginning of spring semester in case you wish to review them. However, all unretrieved homework will be discarded at the end of the semester, so if you wish to get graded homework back, you'll need to reclaim it before the final exam.


Study Questions

The final will be a problem solving exam, so solving activity is good preparation. There is a sample final exam on-line. Also, reviewing the prior homework and exams should be helpful -- I try to focus homework and exam questions on the most significant aspects of the course. If previous questions revealed a widespread misunderstanding of an important point, a similar question may be included on the final exam to provide an opportunity to show that the difficulty has been resolved. So if you had trouble with something, don't look at a sample solution before you’ve reworked the problem yourself. Make sure you can now do the previous exams, sample final, and homework questions perfectly, and that the examples on the class Web page and in the class directory are all understandable.


For the last segment of the course, you could review using some of the following problems from Louden:

Chapter 13 -- 13.2, 13.6, 13.11, 13.13, 13.22, 13.24, 13.25, 13.28.