Reserve List (2 hour)

K. C. Louden, Programming Languages: Principles and Practice (2nd ed.), Thomson, 2003,


R. Backhouse, Syntax of Programming Languages, Prentice-Hall 1979.   QA76.7 .B3

Alternative source for BNF material — see chap. 1.


S. Thompson, Haskell, the Craft of Functional Programming (2nd ed.) Addison-Wesley, 1999, 500 pp. QA76.62 .T43

A source for the Haskell language.


W. F. Clocksin & C. Mellish, Programming in Prolog, Springer-Verlag, 1987 (4th ed.), 281 pp.   QA76.73.P356 C57

The standard reference on Prolog.


R. W. Sebesta, Concepts of Programming Languages (4th ed.), Benjamin/Cummings, 1999, 670 pp.   QA76.7 .S43

An alternative text for most topics of this course.


W. Grassmann & J. Tremblay, Logic and Discrete Mathematics, Prentice-Hall, 1996, 750 pp.

Extended treatment of logic


J. D. Peek, G. Todino & J Strang, Learning the UNIX operating system, O’Reilly, 2002, 157 pp. QA76,76 .O64 P4196

A UNIX intro.