Exam I Description

Open book/notes, no computers


Exam I will be given on Monday October 17 during our regular class period. Possible exam topics include:

* BNF -- chapter 4 of Louden

* functional programming -- chapter 11 of Louden, but not section 11.8, and not Scheme and ML language details

* Haskell -- Louden section 11.6, plus the Hudak on-line material

* Recursion -- section 11.7 of Louden, plus material presented in class

* Dynamic storage -- sections 5.5 and 8.1-5 of Louden


This will be a problem solving exam -- see the sample on the class Web page. Useful preparation includes studying examples and working problems. Examples in our class directory, sample homework solutions, and other problems in our text provide a variety of possibilities. Make sure any misunderstandings revealed by the assigned homework have been resolved.