Meschach man-type pages

Main Meschach page

This is an experimental on-line collection of "man" pages for the routines in Meschach. What is provided here is only a subset of what is in the book "Meschach: Matrix Computations in C", which is available from the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia. Alternatively, send your paper mail by email address to and say that you wish to purchase a copy of "Meschach: Matrix Computations in C". Then it will be posted to you; you pay on delivery using (international) money order, credit/charge card or similar.

The cost of the manual is A$30 (about US$22) + postage and handling. The manual is about 260 pages long.

Meschach: Tutorial

In the tutorial chapter you will find the following sections.

Meschach: Basic Dense Matrix Operations

The following routines are described here: To use these routines use the include statement
#include "matrix.h"
To use the complex variants use the include statement
#include "zmatrix.h"

Function index

This is a function index for all of Meschach.

Errata for manual

This consists of a single errata page.