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Blue Ribbon Campaign Introduction

A blue ribbon is chosen as the symbol for the preservation of basic civil rights in the electronic world. The blue ribbon is of course inspired by the yellow POW/MIA and red AIDS/HIV ribbons, and also by the various (U.S.) Second Amendment, child abuse, Israel awareness, and public land usage rights blue ribbons, the breast cancer pink ribbon, etc.*

EFF and other civil liberties groups ask that a blue ribbon be worn or displayed to show support for the essential human right of free speech. This fundamental building block of free society, affirmed by the U.S. Bill of Rights in 1791, and by the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, has been sacrificed in the 1996 Telecom Bill.

The Blue Ribbon will be a way to raise awareness of these issues, from locally to globally, and for the quiet voice of reason to be heard.

The voice of reason knows that free speech doesn't equate to sexual harassment, abuse of children, or the breeding of hatred or intolerance.

We insist that any material that's legal in bookstores, newspapers, or public libraries must be legal online.

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