Workshop on Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments

The University of Iowa, July 13-15, 1995

Workshop homepage (CFP, color posters, etc.)

Keynote speakers - J. Hollerbach (Utah), J. Rossignac (IBM)

Paper/panel sessions

Session 1: Geometry for large scale virtual environments
Session chair - D. Manocha (UNC)

  1. S. Kumar, S. Krishnas, D. Manocha (UNC), Fast Display of Complex CSG Environments (5 pages Postscript)
  2. B. Naylor (ATT Bell Labs), What Trees Can Do For Large Synthetic Environments (4 pages hardcopy)
  3. J. Oliver (Iowa State), Unstructured Surface and Volume Decimation of Tessellated Domains (1 page Ascii)
  4. A. Varshney (UNC), P. Agarwal (Duke), F. Brooks (UNC), W. Wright (UNC), H. Weber (UNC), Automatic Generation of Multiresolution Hierarchies for Polygonal Models (4 pages Postscript)

Session 2: Virtual Environment Modeling
Session chairs: R. Deyo (E&S), J. Helman (SGI)

  1. R. Deyo, P. Isaacson (Evans and Sutherland), Pitfalls in Large-scale Real-time Simulation (2 pages Ascii)
  2. S. Donikian (IRISA, France), Realistic Driving Simulations in Virtual Urban Environments for the Praxitele Project (8 pages Postscript)
  3. J. Helman (SGI), A Framework for Real-Time Simulation and Interaction (1 page Ascii)
  4. M. McNeill, S. Lambourn, P. Lister, R. Grimsdale (U. Sussex, UK), "Knowledge-based Techniques in the Generation of Virtual Environments (9 pages Postscript)
  5. Y. Papelis (Iowa), Logical Modeling of Roadway Environment to Support Real-time Simulation of Autonomous Traffic (1 page Postscript)
  6. M. Setas, M. Gomes, (INESC, Portugal) J. Rebordao (INETI, Portugal), Dynamic Simulation of Natural Environments in Virtual Reality (6 pages Postscript)

Session 3: Interactive dynamics simulation
Session chair - J. Cremer (Iowa)

  1. D. Baraff (CMU) - Physical Simulation with Contact: Approaches and Challenges (2 pages Ascii)
  2. J. Chen, (IST, U. Central Florida), Simulation and Synchronization of Fluids in a DIS (2 pages Ascii)
  3. B. Mirtich (UC Berkeley), Hybrid Simulation: Combining Constraints and Impulses (6 pages Postscript)
  4. D. Pai, J. Siira, K van den Doel (UBC), Interactive Simulation of Physical Systems in Virtual Environments (5 pages Postscript)
  5. E. Sacks (Purdue), L. Joskowicz (IBM T.J. Watson), HIPAIR: Interactive Mechanism Analysis and Design Using Configuration Spaces (2 pages Postscript)
  6. J. Trinkle (Texas A&M), J.-S. Pang (J. Hopkins), et al, On Dynamic Multi-rigid-body Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction (one page Ascii)

Session 4: Behavior and Scenario Modeling
Session chair - J. Kearney (Iowa)

  1. P. Doenges (Evans and Sutherland), Overview of Behavior Simulation Requirements and Systems Approach for Real-time Virtual Environments (5 pages Postscript)
  2. R. Fitzgerald (Evans and Sutherland), Facilitating Real-time Behavior Simulation in a Parallel Processing Environment (2 pages Ascii)
  3. W. L. Johnson (ISI, USC), Controlling Behavior in Pedagogical Agents: A Summary of Relevant Research (6 pages Postscript)
  4. J. Kearney, J. Cremer (Iowa) --- Improvisation and Opportunism in Scenario Control for Driving Simulation
  5. J. Laird (Michigan), Research summary describing work in generating realistic behavior in VEs (2 pages Ascii)

Session 5: Collision Detection
Session chair - M. Lin (ARO/UNC)

  1. P. Hubbard (Cornell), Real-time Collision Detection and Time-critical Computing (6 pages Postscript)
  2. M. Ponamgi, J. Cohen, M. Lin, D. Manocha (UNC), Incremental Collision Detection for Polygonal Models (3 pages Postscript)
  3. G. Vanecek, C. Gonzalez-Ochoa (Purdue), Representing Complex Objects in Collision Detection (7 pages Postscript)
  4. G. Zachmann, W. Felger (FhGIGD/Darmstadt), The BoxTree: Enabling Real-time and Exact Collision Detection of Arbitrary Polyhedra" (8 pages Postscript)

Session 6: Applications/architectures
Session chair: C. Cruz-Neira (Iowa State)

  1. Cruz-Neira (Iowa State), Bash (Argonne Nat. Lab.) Integrating High Performance Computing and Communications with Virtual Reality for Interactive Molecular Modeling: The VIBE System (6 pages Postscript)
  2. K. O'Connell, V. Cahill, A. Condon (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland), The VOID Shell: A Toolkit for The Development of Distributed Video Games and Virtual Worlds (6 pages Postscript)
  3. L. Piguet (NASA Ames), T. Fong (MIT), B. Hine (MIT), E. Nygren (MIT), VEVI: A Virtual Reality Tool For Robotic Planetary Explorations (11 pages Postscript)
  4. R. Stiles, L. McCarthy, M. Pontecorvo (Lockheed Martin), Training Studio Interaction (6 pages Postscript)

Session 7: Humans in Virtual Environments
Session chair - H. Ko (Iowa)

  1. N. Badler, W. Becket, J. Granieri (Penn), Research summary - emphasis on work on real-time simulation of synthetic human agents (6 pages Postscript)
  2. A. Bruderlin, T. Calvert (Simon Fraser), Knowledge-based Animating of Human Figures (5 pages Postscript)
  3. J. Hodgins, W. Wooten (Georgia Tech), Simulating the Motion of Human Athletes (4 pages Postscript)
  4. H. Ko (Iowa), Real-Time Animation of Human Locomotion (3 pages Postscript)
  5. D. Reece (IST, U. Central Florida), Soldier Agents in a Virtual Urban Battlefield (6 pages Postscript)
  6. D. Shawver (Sandia Nat. Lab.), VR/IS Lab Virtual Actor Research Overview (6 pages Postscript)
  7. J. Troy, M. Vanderploeg (Iowa State), Interactive Simulation and Control of Planar Biped Devices (5 pages Postscript)
  8. M. Waldrop, D. Pratt, S. Pratt, R. McGhee, J. Falby (Nav. Post. School), Real-time Upper Body Articulation of Humans in a Networked Interactive Virtual Environment (5 pages Postscript)

Session 8: Human-computer interaction/human factors

  1. C. Burnette (Univ. of the Arts), The Advanced Driver Interface Design/ Assessment Project (2 pages Postscript)
  2. R. Kennedy (Essex Corporation, Orlando), Incidences of Fatigue and Drowsiness Reports from Three Dozen Simulators: Relevance for Sopite Syndrome (7 pages Ascii)
  3. T. Kesavadas (Iowa State), Virtual Interaction --- Tools for Robotic Manipulation in the Real World (7 pages Postscript)
  4. Creve Maples (Sandia Nat. Lab.), MUSE: A Functionality-based, Human-Computer Interface (12 pages hardcopy)
  5. J. Vance (Iowa State), Research in Implementing a Virtual Environment for Engineering Design (3 pages Postscript)

Poster sessions and other invitees

  1. W. Broll (GMD, Inst. for Appl. Info. Tech., Germany), Interaction and Behavior Support for Multi-user Virtual Environments (5 pages Postscript)
  2. T. Disz, M. Papka, R. Stevens (Argonne Nat. Lab.), V. Taylor (Northwestern), Virtual environments research at Argonne - advanced visualization tools and environments, CAVE projects, supercomputing applications (9 pages Ascii)
  3. T. Fernando, P. Dew (U. Leeds, UK), Constraint-based Interaction Techniques for Supporting A Multi-perspective Distributed Virtual Engineering Environment (7 pages Postscript)
  4. F. Gao, T. Fernando, P. Dew, M. Fa (U. Leeds, UK), Constructing a Virtual Environment for Interactive Constraint-based Solid Modeling and Assembly Modelling (5 pages Postscript)
  5. C. Gonzalez-Ochoa (Purdue), 2-Body Collision Detection using LRB-reps (6 pages Postscript)
  6. C. Goad (BE Software) Object and behavior modeling in VEs - The Behavior Engine (5 pages Ascii)
  7. H. Jiang, G. Vanecek (Purdue), N-body Collision Detection Based on Lazy Evaluation (7 pages Postscript)
  8. B. Kohlmeyer, M. Vanderploeg (Iowa State), A Magnetic Pen Based Force Feedback Device used for Surface Deformation (3 pages Postscript)
  9. B. Kuehne, J. Oliver (Iowa State), A Synthetic Environment for Assembly Planning and Evaluation (5 pages Postscript )
  10. C. Lisle, M. Kilby, J. Ortiz, D. Russell (IST/U. Central Florida), Object-oriented Modeling for Interaction (3 pages Postscript. NOTE: GHOSTVIEW 1.5 FAILS ON THIS FILE, BUT IT PRINTS WITHOUT PROBLEMS)
  11. C. Lisle, M. Kilby, J. Ortiz, D. Russell (IST/U. Central Florida), Simulating Dynamic Effects of Building Structures in a Virtual Environment (4 pages Postscript. NOTE: GHOSTVIEW 1.5 FAILS ON THIS FILE, BUT IT PRINTS WITHOUT PROBLEMS)
  12. Z. Liu (Princeton), Convergence analysis of projected Jacobi method for contact force computation with friction (7 pages Postscript)
  13. G. Luecke (Iowa State), Robotic and Magnetic Interface for Force Interactions with Virtual Reality (2 pages Ascii)
  14. K. Ohlund (Lockheed Martin), Research summary describing use of virtual environments in visualization and robotics research (3 pages Ascii)
  15. C. Orogo (Pittsburgh), Virtual Environments for Object-oriented Software Design (1 page Ascii)
  16. J. Perry, P. Henning, J. Cremer, G. Vanecek (Purdue and Iowa), Contact Analysis in a Virtual Environment (6 pages Postscript)
  17. G. Pisanich (NASA Ames), Research summary describing work in flight simulation, human performance modeling, simulation (2 pages Ascii)
  18. D. Roberts, P. Sharkey, P. Sandoz (U. Reading, UK),A Real-time, Predictive Architecture for Distributed Virtual Reality (7 pages Postscript. NOTE - THIS REQUIRES A MS WORD Postscript header FILE)
  19. T. Sepulveda, M. Gomes (Inst. Eng. de Sist. e Comp., Portugal), Autonomous Agents with Real-time Behavior (6 pages)
  20. S. Shekhar, V. Kumar, D. Chubb, G. Turner (Minnesota), Load Balancing in Terrain Visualization: A Survey of Results (6 pages Postscript)
  21. K. Szabo (U. Zurich, Switzerland), F. Kaegi, R. Pajarola, T. Roth (Swiss Fed. Inst. Tech., Switzerland), An Information System Architecture for Real-time Interaction in Large-scale Virtual Environments (7 pages Postscript. NOTE: GHOSTVIEW 1.5 FAILS ON THIS FILE, BUT IT PRINTS WITHOUT PROBLEMS)
  22. U. Thakkar (NCSA, Illinois), Understanding representations in virtual environments (3 pages Postscript)
  23. R. Turner (Maryland-Balt. County), Interactive Sculpting of an Elastic Surface Model using Reaction Constraints (5 pages Ascii)