Workshop on Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments

Co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH, The Office of Naval Research, and The University of Iowa Center for Computer Aided Design

The University of Iowa, July 13-15, 1995

Total number of attendees: 106
Informal workshop proceedings may be obtained from the University of Iowa Computer Science Department for $15. It's soft cover, 19-hole binder, approx. 330 pages. To order, contact Jim Cremer ( or 319-335-0736) or Lois Friday ( or 319-335-0746).

Schedule and program, and registration information

Call for Participation, Deadlines, Topics, Travel Funds, Etc.

Posters - basic workshop infomation plus pictures (nice for your wall)

Program committee: N. Badler (Penn), D. Baraff (CMU), P. Fishwick (Florida), J. Helman (SGI),
L. Hodges (Ga. Tech), J. Kearney (Iowa), H. Ko (Iowa) M. Lin (NPS), D. Pai (UBC), Y. Papelis (Iowa), M. Raibert (MIT), A. Witkin (CMU), M. Zyda (NPS), D. Zeltzer (MIT)

Co-chairs: James Cremer (Iowa), Dinesh Manocha (UNC), George Vanecek (Purdue)

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