Distributed Systems and Machine Learning Seminar

Location / time:

B11 MLH / Tuesdays 9-9:30 AM

Date Presenter Topic
2/12 Cory Kromer-Edwards Parallelizing Basis Pursuit Denoising
2/19 Jeff Hajewski Distributed SmSVM Ensemble Learning
2/26 Geoffrey Converse Interpretable Variational Autoencoders for Cognitive Models
3/5 Violet Tiema Recognizing Handwritten Digits
3/12 Jared Grove A k-medoids Approach to Exploring Districting Plans
3/19 NA Spring break
3/26 TBD TBD
4/16 TBD TBD
4/23 TBD TBD
4/30 TBD TBD
Date Presenter Topic
8/30 Mariana Curi A Neural Network Approach to Estimate Student Skill Mastery in Cognitive Diagnostic Assessments
9/6 Jeff Hajewski Litz: An Elastic Framework for High-Performance Distributed Machine Learning
9/13 Anthony Pizzimenti Assessing significance in a Markov chain without mixing
9/20 Geoff Converse Bayesian Optimal Active Search and Surveying
9/27 Prof. Suely Oliveira Parallel and Clustering Algorithms for Large Data Problems
10/4 Prof. David E. Stewart Extreme learning machine: Theory and applications
11/22 NA Thanksgiving Break